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How would you feel if you were trapped in a coffin and … no one could hear you?                  

Did you know that there are around 1065 people in The Hills who deal with isolation, uncertainty and hopelessness every day of their lives?

Imagine how you would feel if one of them was your grandmother!

CarPal is making sure that…

  • Everyone can get the most life out of their years
  • Everyone stays connected to their family, friends and community
  • We live and grow in a world where our elderly are not shut out and forgotten
  • It’s quick, simple and fun to lend a helping hand, in as little as 5 minutes!

In 2008, John McQuarrie, a long-time Sydney Hills resident, saw the plight of local seniors as he volunteered to drive them to their medical appointments, grocery shopping and cemetery visits, when no one else would.

“Countless seniors find it impossible to visit old friends, places and activities they did before they were deprived of their access to a car. And yet society urges them to “age in place” – a sentiment that they sadly resign to. It doesn’t have to be that way!” – John McQuarrie


Community transportation services don’t take seniors across town, or anywhere on weekends or at night. Seniors are required to give plenty of notice to book a trip, which means they often miss out on the spontaneity that life demands, and the simplest flexibility and freedom that so many of us take for granted.

“I haven’t driven for over 18 months and at age 80 it’s too much of a hassle to go through all the checks required to renew my licence. I worry about being able to visit my wife’s grave at Lane Cove if I can’t get a volunteer to take me in future.”

“I have been on my own for 40 years. The difficulty in just getting around is making me feel cranky right now. I am unhappy about not being able to get out as much as I would like but there’s nothing I can do but accept the situation because my family lives a long way away.”

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“I used to be a very active member of the community but all that changed when I lost my licence at age 85. I wish that I could go to meet a friend of mine who moved to an Aged Care home last year but getting there is a problem. I feel helpless and wonder if I can go on at times. I have learned to SMS to keep in touch with my overseas friends but it’s not quite the same as talking face-to-face with someone.”

You can make sure that no more seniors have to suffer Shut-In Syndrome! To find out how you can help stamp it out easily and with as little as 5 minutes of your time, simply subscribe and we’ll email you with some obligation-free, quick and easy information.


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