HillsCarPal is a community project

by convenor on 21/08/2012

HillsCarPal is happening because of the efforts of many people who have gotten behind the concept and have helped to get it going. Just one example is the way that our technology training packages were developed by William Clarke College Year 8 students. They were guided by a group of local Uni students, who made a solid commitment to the project and guided the high school students in the development of the training packages. Now we have the benefit of some Muirfield High Year 10 students, who are adding animations with a HillsCarPal message to our Facebook page and also assisting with the development of this new website. It’s a real community effort that crosses generational lines.
We are very thankful for all their efforts on behalf of Sydney Hills Shut-in Seniors.

The HillsCarPal Team

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