Harry’s Story

by convenor on 22/08/2012

In his nineties and living alone in a rural part of The Hills Shire with his nearest relative living many kilometres away, Harry had the misfortune of being badly hurt some years back. He was involved in an accident at the intersection of Green Road and Showground Road while he was driving himself to the shops. After the accident, Harry would not drive and had no public transport options within walking distance of his residence. He became isolated with no complete solutions  to choose from, although his neighbours kept a eye on him and did some errands for him. Even getting to the post office to send letters to his family and friends was difficult or impossible.

Harry had gone to Castle Hills Primary as a lad and had also served in the army in WWII. He battled on but his was not an easy life in those later years. He had some limited travel assistance for shopping but nothing that worked for him for social outings or to visit his Windsor-based relatives. HillsCarPal wants to “outlaw” the Shut-in Syndrome that Harry faced. We think it’s wrong that people like Harry have to suffer in silence and lose contact with their community.

We want to spread the word as widely as we can so that the plight of the Shut-ins is recognised more broadly in the community.

Do you know anyone facing this same problem? Tell us about them (using first names only) if you can.

The HillsCarPal Team

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