We appreciate all the help we are getting

by convenor on 23/08/2012

This week my colleague and I have had the pleasure of assisting the HillsCarPal project at the Hills Community Centre with some of their information technology tasks. We came from Muirfield high school on work experience and have had a very productive week.

On the second day we were introduced to a man named John and an expert IT volunteer who looked after a program called HillsCarPal which helps elderly people get out their house to socialise with the community. We designed an animation for their Facebook page to help advertise their cause which so far has already had 5000 views which is very exciting. We also helped them when they needed to update their website which will hopefully get more eyes looking in their direction

It has been a great experience working with John and Hills Community Aid and we have learnt a lot from it. We look forward to seeing the HillsCarPal service fully up and running in the future.

Alan and Lucas

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