September 2012

Seniors don’t really want to connect using the internet … do they?

30 September 2012

That’s what many people think but it’s not true. An outstanding example of an exception to this oft-held view was Olive Riley. Olive passed away a few years back at 108 years of age but not before she became known as … Continue reading

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Will Seniors speak out to end their social isolation?

29 September 2012

The answer to this question is, “Some already do are but many do not?” Recently, HillsCarPal visited a local Retirement Village and spoke with 20 or so  of the Independent Living Unit (ILU) residents. We learned that a lack of … Continue reading

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Is Shut-in Syndrome really such a problem for Seniors?

13 September 2012

As convenor of a project that is aimed at addressing the plight of Sydney Hills Shut-in Seniors, I am often asked this question. And the answer I usually give is … “Not unless you ask?” As they age, most Seniors … Continue reading

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I can’t drive a Sydney Hills Senior. What can I do to support HillsCarPal?

10 September 2012

This is a question we are being asked by people who see the plight of Shut-in Seniors and want to help in a real way. HillsCarPal’s answer to anyone who is asking how they can support us, is as follows: Here’s how to … Continue reading

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Australian driving safety like the US?

7 September 2012

An interesting graph from a US Consumer Report. See the full story, “Teenagers and older people are the riskiest drivers” at: The most interesting part of the article is what Katherine Freund did when her toddler was hit by … Continue reading

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