I can’t drive a Sydney Hills Senior. What can I do to support HillsCarPal?

by convenor on 10/09/2012

This is a question we are being asked by people who see the plight of Shut-in Seniors and want to help in a real way. HillsCarPal’s answer to anyone who is asking how they can support us, is as follows:

Here’s how to support us

There are several options that you could choose to support HillsCarPal and Sydney Hills Shut-in Seniors even though driving them is not an option for you right now. Here are some of them:
  1. First don’t overlook the power of telling someone you know about the project. Tell them what Shut-in Syndrome is and how we are trying to overcome it. Give your contacts and, more particularly your friends, the F/B (www.facebook.com/HillsCarPal) and website (www.hillscarpal.org.au) addresses and ask them to check us out;
  2. Our volunteer drivers are people who will visit The Hills region at least every two weeks and have a black licence. Maybe you know someone who is in this category. If so, urge them to consider Shut-in Seniors and volunteer their car occasionally by subscribing at www.hillscarpal.org.au;
  3. Become a Facebook ambassador for us at HillsCarPal and SHARE our posts with your Friends …. and ask your Friends to share with their Friends.
  4. Maybe, you or your family knows a Sydney Hills resident who can use our service. If so, tell them to ring us on 02 9639 8620 to find out if they qualify;
  5. Then there’s our Blog www.hillscarpal.org.au/blog. We want to publish the stories of Shut-in Seniors there. Do you know anyone who is ageing and is being (or has been) challenged to stay connected with the family, friends and community by not being able to drive themselves around Sydney? Without using their real names, tell us their story and we’ll publish it on the Blog. Sharing such stories is a powerful way to get others involved in the cause.
  6. Another idea that you might consider, is to tell us about any community organisations or sporting bodies you are associated with, who might be willing to tell their members (via their email mailing lists) about us. Ask such bodies, if they would help spread the word about HillsCarPal to their membership and tell them we would acknowledge their asssistance on our website. Then email us with what you have been able to organise and we’ll take it from there.
Whatever you decide to do, your support is very valuable in highlighting this hidden problem, experienced by so many Seniors. So we ask you to please stay engaged with us by subscribing to our mailing list at www.hillscarpal.org.au, if you haven’t already done so.

Best Regards,

The HillsCarPal Team

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