Will Seniors speak out to end their social isolation?

by convenor on 29/09/2012

The answer to this question is, “Some already do are but many do not?”

Recently, HillsCarPal visited a local Retirement Village and spoke with 20 or so  of the Independent Living Unit (ILU) residents.

We learned that a lack of flexible transport is a problem they suffer from. On the one hand, it seems that bus services only run hourly and on the other, Community Transport doesn’t seem to provide a service for persons in Retirement Villages.

Retirement Village residents have more opportunities to avoid social isolation that those Seniors who .. “age in place”. But the feeling of being trapped was expressed by some of the ILU residents we spoke to; one saying that”, “Whilst the facilities are great, we miss the spontanaeity of life through not being able to readily get around like we used to”.

One organisation that is speaking out is “Older People Speak Out”. A recent article of theirs on better funding for HACC services (including Community Transport) is worth thinking about. Do you have any other suggestions of how to help Shut-in Seniors?

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