HillsCarPal Pioneers aren’t looking for a limousine ride …

by convenor on 17/10/2012

We don’t mind sharing a different perspective occasionally. Here’s a recent story we caught about the upcoming Sydney motor show. It says, “Half of the car brands on sale in Australia will not be at the 2012 Sydney motor show, which opens on Friday morning.  This 2005 photo, by Brendan Esposito, shows a Holden concept car.
With fewer exhibitors, what do you expect this year?  http://ow.ly/exufK
HillsCarPal’s view is that we are cool with No Shows at the Sydney motor show; just as long as they turn up for a HillsCarPal ride. To become a champion Sydney driver (even if your car misses the motor show) subscribe at www.hillscarpal.org.au
Safe travelling

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