Seniors are socially engaged and engaging ….

by convenor on 25/10/2012

Unfortunately, the same old stereotypes keep on being circulated.

I read a view of Seniors and Ageing expressed on a US Blogsite earlier today. It was a well written presentation of an idea with its cartoons to help elaborate its direction of thinking.  You can see what it said at:

However, I think it misses the point that old people, like young ones, are all individuals with their own specific attitudes and I wonder how it is that over 500 people, mostly Seniors, are enrolled at Hills Computer Pals for instance and why many Seniors have been willing to help HillsCarPal with ideas, video interviews etc. as we develop our Seniors Transportation project

What’s your experience of Seniors? Is it true that they shrink into their own world and shut out everyone else?

Maybe for some this is the case but could they be helped to stay engaged if  their community took action to prevent them becoming Shut-ins?

Tell us your viewpoint.

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