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by convenor on 30/10/2012

Not everyone has the time to check our F/B Page, so here’s a few of our recent posts FYI:

1) “HillsCarPal will be ready to offer rides to Shut-in Seniors soon. Do you think the car flags will make our volunteers’ cars visible when picking up their passenger?”


2) “Seniors won’t mind you having a laugh at their expense if you UP and go with them in the passenger seat. http://t.co/1uyljVgt via @youtube”

The new campaign brings to life the brand promise that the Volkswagen up! “feels nothing like a small car”. It has all the quality, technology, safety, driva…
Final Thoughts:
Give me some feedback on your thoughts when you read these posts. And, if you are thinking of driving for us, why not get that paperwork done and dusted. After that you will meet some very interesting people – Seniors are people too – who will be overjoyed to make your acquaintance while you help them to get out around Sydney!
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