Technology helps … but face-to face needed to overcome isolation

by convenor on 03/11/2012

Research has been recently undertaken jointly by Benetas and The University of Melbourne, which  found that communications technologies were effective in alleviating social isolation, but could not achieve this alone, with face-to-face engagement an essential part of developing connections in older Australians. More details of the research may be found at:

Whilst this result is not a surprise, it does reinforce the importance of programs like HillsCarPal, which is now looking for more volunteer drivers to help end Shut-in Syndrome through getting Sydney Hills Seniors out around Sydney.

Please share this message with others so that the plight of Sydney Hills Shut-ins – and what can be done to fix it  – is more widely understood.

Your interest in helping to end social isolation in elderly Australians is much appreciated,



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