PayPal gets Fair Trading nod …

by convenor on 06/11/2012

HillsCarPal uses PayPal for trip payments and volunteer mileage reimbursements but questions have been asked about online security.

A few days ago NSW Fair Trading came out with a Fact Sheet for Online Sales, which gives a positive mention to PayPal, as follows:

“Do you offer a secure payment method?

PayPal is the first choice for 59% of consumers according to our research as they felt it indicates the site is safe and secure. Your business may be missing out by not offering this payment method.

Credit cards came a close second for online shopping (55%) and offer some protections for consumers from their credit card providers.”

HillsCarPal uses PayPal because the private financial information of our volunteers and clients  is stored in a secure encrypted fashion. Also it provides the convenience of allowing online payments using credit cards or bank accounts. It does this without providing the private financial information of volunteers and clients to HillsCarPal.

The complete NSW Fair Trading Fact Sheet is available at:

The HillsCarPal Team


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