Is a Senior having trouble getting around really a Shut-in Senior?

by convenor on 12/12/2012

Shut-in Syndrome doesn’t just happen overnight. It can and often is a very gradual process.

It can creep up on people who, up to the point of no return, were fiercely independent; not expecting to ever be in a position of asking for help.

Then afterwards, when going out is too much of a problem, they rationalise that life isn’t all bad just because they are no longer able to visit friends or go places that used to like. Anyway, they imagine they are not as badly off as other Seniors in the community. So that is supposed to make them feel better about accepting their new Shut-in status?

Paraphrasing Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, who passed away recently at 103 years old, “Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you have lost your capacity to enjoy life“.

With HillsCarPal, we can and do give Seniors permission to live life to the full by offering to take them around Sydney. However, some of them may need a nudge occasionally to take up our offer. Seniors don’t need to have reached a crisis of being habitually “confined to quarters” to qualify to become a HillsCarPal client. Even those Seniors who can still drive to the local shops but cannot manage the city traffic in unfamiliar neighbourhoods can join if they wish to make those longer journeys with someone else at the wheel.

If you know a Sydney Hills Senior who is starting to struggle with driving or public transport, why not encourage them to try the HillsCarPal alternative. They may be a family member. a neighbour or a friend. Urge them to not to be too hard on themselves. Get their OK for you to arrange to join them up and tell them you will help with booking a ride when they want one. It’s not very onerous on you and with HillsCarPal there are many wonderful volunteers ready to make things a lot easier for them to continue getting out and about around Sydney.

Your thoughtful suggestion can make a big difference in the lives of a Sydney Hills Senior. All you need to do is to call HillsCarPal on 02 9639 8620 and we’ll talk you through what is involved or subscribe at

Merry Christmas from,


The HillsCarPal Team

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