Who is making HillsCarPal happen?

by convenor on 12/12/2012

There have been so many contributors to getting HillsCarPal underway that it would be near impossible to list them all.

However, the recent efforts of several Sydney Hills residents who have worked on the HillsCarPal project needs to be acknowledged. Over the next few weeks, we will be doing this via a series of short interview clips that will be published on our Facebook page “HillsCarPal”.

A volunteer from the Castle Hill RSL Camera Club (Bob) came to our aid in trying to resurrect some very poor quality video clips and has made “a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Our thanks go to Bob for his perservering on behalf of HillsCarPal.

With apologies for the quality of the audio, the first of these clips was published on Facebook recently. See what  Learning in The Hills Coordinator Ruth had to say about Shut-in Seniors … and she has first hand experience of how people are impacted by it.

Shut-in Syndrome: It’s a problem facing Seniors who no longer drive: http://t.co/OAyP9b63 via @youtube

Ruth talks about Seniors Transport in The Sydney Hills.flv


Merry Christmas,
The HillsCarPal Team

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