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by convenor on 09/01/2013

It’s easy to subscribe to HillsCarPal for GrandMa:So you have told your Grandmother (or other Senior) about HillsCarPal and how it can help Sydney Hills Seniors to get out around Sydney. Now you want help her (or him/her) by taking the hassle out of joining up on her (or him/her) behalf. After you get GrandMa’s (or other Senior’s) agreement to give it a go, follow the steps below:
1.To start off just subscribe at our home page www.hillscarpal.org.au in your own name and email address;
2.Respond to the message you receive – as though you were a potential client – by clicking the link to become a HillsCarPal client;
3.Then provide the Travel Patterns information we request (online) FOR GRANDMA (or other Senior). You will also need to tell us the name of your GrandMa (or Senior friend). You may use the same email address that you used to subscribe or one used by GrandMa (or other Senior). Our response will be directed to the email address you provide on the Client Travel Patterns online form;
4.If we think we can match the travel patterns you tell us about with the routes usually driven by one or more of our volunteer drivers, we will send you an email asking you (or GrandMa – if her email address was given in 3 above) to complete a Client Application online. You will need to obtain specific information from GrandMa (or Senior friend) to be able to do this and don’t forget to complete the last three (3) items on the application giving your own details if you are making the application on behalf of GrandMa (or Senior Friend).
5.That’s pretty much it. After that we contact you to talk you though setting up and using a Facebook account (in GrandMa’s name) that will be used to book the rides that GrandMa will be taking;
6.Call us on 02 9639 8620 if you need any further explanation. We are there from 9.30am – 3.00pm, Mon to Fri.GrandMa can now get to anywhere in Sydney at any time and all for just $7.50 a ride. Her busy social calendar may prevent her from seeing you as often after that. However, you will still receive the odd phone call (or SMS) from her from time to time to ask for your help with requesting her rides, unless she becomes a Facebook addict in her own right!

Happy New Year to you (and Grandma),
The HillsCarPal Team

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