Is HillsCarPal ready to offer rides yet?

by convenor on 09/01/2013

Thanks to the efforts of many many wonderful volunteers and some very professional professionals the day has arrived when we can say that HillsCarPal is ready.

Yippee!!!!! Hurray!!

HillsCarPal is today announcing that we now have a complete panel of volunteer drivers ready to provide a Seniors Transportation service for Sydney Hills Seniors in 2013. We also have one enrolled client ready take a ride with us.

Our focus now is to get the message out to Seniors that we are a service they can trust to get them safely around Sydney. If you know any Senior who might benefit from using the HillsCarPal Seniors Transportation service let them know that we use only Police-checked volunteer drivers who are fully insured. They are all generous souls, willing to help an older member of our Sydney Hills community get around.

We are now targetting a minimum of 4 or 5 clients (for a start) and we’ll update you on how we are going as things progress.

Thanks for your support,

The HillsCarPal Team

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