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by convenor on 10/09/2013

We recently got a very uplifting message from our web “Contact Us” page. It came from a young local woman, who has a heart of gold; particularly when it comes to responding to the travails of Shut-in Seniors in our community. Charlotte (as we will call her) is one of those people who sees a problem and then works out what she can do about it. Here is an edited version of what she told us:

“To: The HillsCarPal People,

I am looking to devote some time to my local community and came across HillsCarPal. I am a young mother who’s currently studying at home online so my hours would always be flexible and I would be available at very short notice. I hold a gold driver’s license and have no criminal record. I am particularly drawn to this area of volunteer work after a couple of heart-warming experiences. I thought I would share them with you, as follows:
1) I stopped to chat to an elderly woman on my early morning walk. She was walking to Dick Smith to buy her grandchildren (who live interstate) a game console for Christmas. As my house was just around the corner from where we met, I offered to get the car and drive her…Dick Smith is a very long walk from our location. I drove her there and to her home again. I left my number and regularly drove her to the local IGA and to a shopping mall a bit further afield.
2) Another experience, I was shopping at a local shopping mall and as I entered I noticed an elderly woman waiting out the front with a shopping trolley filled with groceries. An hour later when my shopping was complete and I put my groceries in my car I was concerned to notice the same woman still waiting outside the store. I asked if she was OK and she informed me that she was waiting for taxi. She said it is common that taxis don’t arrive because the trip is short resulting in only a small fare. I drove her home.

These are just two (2) small, but enriching, experiences that I wanted to share with you. They are the reasons why I have decided to become involved with HillsCarPal.

Cheers,           …………………… Charlotte”

If Charlotte’s story hits a cord with you, please pass it on to someone you know and recommend them to subscribe at our website www.hillscarpal.org.au , so that Charlotte’s story and that of HillsCarPal can attract more community support in The Sydney Hills.






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