Sometimes Shut-in Seniors can be shut off …

by convenor on 09/10/2013

Ageism is alive and well if we can believe a recent Column 8 submission, as follows:

‘‘I was trying to change my 94-year-old mother’s address at Optus online this morning,’’ reports Gwynn Boyd, of Mosman.
‘‘I failed, because Optus won’t let you enter a date of birth before 1930. I guess the solution is, if you get to 84, change to Telstra.’’

Our first response is to wonder if this is actually correct?

We are helping Seniors to use the internet as a way of booking Rides with us and would like to know about the specific IT-related challenges that Seniors face so that we can design our program with these issues in mind.

Please tell us, if you know of any similar experience that Seniors might be facing as they engage with the digital age.


The HillsCarPal Team

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