Seniors Transportation a problem in USA too …

by convenor on 13/11/2013

A US Senate hearing has been focusing on the issue of Shut-in Seniors recently. A report of one of the testimonies follows and it really is ‘on the money” in highlighting the major problem that western societies have even though it is largely unrecognised:

ITNAmerica - dignified transportation for seniors

US Senate Hears Testimony on Senior Transportation

At the request of Senator Susan Collins of Maine, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing November 6 titled, “Transportation: A Challenge to Independence for Seniors.”

Katherine Freund, the Executive Director of ITNAmerica, testified at the invitation of Senator Collins, who said transportation is a “daunting challenge” often overshadowed by the focus on health care, Social Security and seniors’ financial security. Inadequate transportation has many impacts, she said.

“We talk a lot about doctor’s appointments and grocery stores, but there is also the issue of social isolation, not being able to drive to go see your friends or to keep up with family members,” said Senator Collins, who requested Wednesday’s hearing. “That matters too and gets even less attention.”

ITNAmerica was held up as one example of the type of nonprofit service that can fill a
need. First launched in the Portland area, ITNAmerica now operates in more than 20 urban and suburban areas around the country and has offered more than 600,000 rides.

To learn more about starting an ITN affiliate in your community, to become a sponsor, or to invite Katherine Freund to speak, contact

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