It’s OK for parents to show weakness …

by convenor on 08/12/2013

Yesterday’s SMH Good Weekend gave a daughter’s perspective on the tug-a-war between parents not wanting to burden sons or daughters and the need to admit frailty when things are tough for a person who is also a parent. A snippet explains:

 I was so used to my parents having all the answers. This was the first time they needed me to help them.

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HillsCarPal has come across a common theme when talk turns to a “Shut-in” Senior needing help to access our Seniors Transportation service. And it not the children who are to blame.

Despite what the Good Weekend story describes, asking a son or daughter for help or emotional support is not always the course that is followed by Seniors.

Many Seniors, it seems, have a hard time letting go of the sense that they must always be the nurturers of their offspring. That is why we have recently initiated a new form of volunteering with HillsCarPal. It’s Online Facilitation …. and it saves the Senior, who is unable to go online to book their Rides with us, from themselves by not having to reach out to their family for help.

The idea of Online Facilitation is that an anonymous volunteer who is online will make Ride Requests on their behalf. That way the Senior isn’t torn between asking for help and always being the “strong” one for their family.

If you know anyone who might wish to become an Online Facilitator with HillsCarPal, please forward this message to them.

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