PLEASE SHARE the Story of The woman Sydney Forgot …

by convenor on 05/02/2014

She has a name, Natalie Wood. And she is the woman at the centre of an extreme case of Shut-in Syndrome.

See the report (from today’s SMH) about what happened:

It is doubtful that a HillsCarPal in the Surrey Hills region of Sydney would have made any difference to a person like Natalie, as she seems to have been very recluse-like in her behaviour … but what happened to her needs to be widely known so that all us city dwellers recognise the importance of looking out for our Senior neighbours and fellow community members.

SMH’s Peter Munro talks about Natalie Wood

Collectively we may have forgotten Natalie in life but if we SHARE her story, her death might lead to a more connected community in the future.

The HillsCarPal Team

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