Shut-in Seniors have someone listening …

by convenor on 07/04/2014

We are hearing some great outcomes for the Shut-in Seniors HillsCarPal transports.

First Vision Impaired Client

  1. One of our Clients has been able to get to dialysis on public holidays and weekends;
  2. Another gets to Hymns at her local church – from her Aged Care facility;
  3. Several attend medical appointments in Westmead and Blacktown;
  4. And another is able to visit a friend  who is also house-bound in the rural area of The Sydney Hills.

And already HillsCarPal has received 33 Ride Requests for April.

It’s quite impressive, don’t you think; what a band of like-minded and caring people can achieve to help Shut-in Seniors get out and about amongst their community, friends and family.

In March our volunteer drivers provided 16 Rides, with only two (2) Ride Requests unmet. It made a real difference in the lives of those Sydney Hills Seniors who travelled with us last month.

There is no doubt that our volunteer drivers and online facilitators, deserve a pat on the back for their caring commitment to the elderly in our community.

Online Facilitator Call


Without them (currently 25 volunteers and growing), Shut-in Seniors  in The Sydney Hills would remain invisible just like they were trapped in a coffin with no one to hear them!

Congratulate our volunteers via a comment on this blog and we’ll pass it on to them.

The HillsCarPal Team


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