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by convenor on 29/07/2014

The answer is that it depends on which people you are talking about. Here are some different perspectives:

A receptionist who takes Seniors calls …

“I like talking to HillsCarPal Seniors. They are so lovely and I enjoy listening to their stories and the way they express themselves.”


A volunteer facilitator who books the Rides for Seniors who are not online …

“I like to help Seniors. They are so thankful and considerate. Helping them makes me feel good.”


A volunteer driver who offers Shut-in Seniors a Ride by detouring to pick them up …

a)      HillsCarPal volunteer driver Sheryl says, “It’s good to know that I am helping someone maintain their independence by getting them where they need to go. They are full of life despite their aches and pains and they tend to reminisce fondly about how things used to be. I like that.” Driver

b)     HillsCarPal volunteer driver, Norm took Joan to the funeral of her close friend. After it was over Norm pulled up near the graveside where a small number of people still remained. He struck up a conversation with one of the mourners, introducing himself in the process.
It was a chance encounter but it reconnected Norm with a classmate from nearly 60 years before. Needless to say, the Client had a somewhat delayed return as Norm and his mate covered 60 years in a few minutes. Afterwards Norm said, “It was great. I was made to feel part of the family.”


client who uses HillsCarPal to get out and about for any reason, including just being able to get out of the house …

a) Lynda of Castle Hill is one of people who HillsCarPal is helping. Lynda uses a scooter for getting to her local shops and has limited mobility. She can’t negotiate public transport.

Prior to registering with HillsCarPal, Lynda needed a taxi to get home from Westmead. It got caught in peak hour traffic and cost her, a pensioner, $100. Family circumstances means that Lynda can’t look to family for her transport needs all the time.

She has nothing but praise for everyone involved with HillsCarPal. She says it has taken a very great concern off her mind, just knowing that the service is there when people need it.

b) Deirdre says “HillsCarPal is a genius of an idea. I can’t thank you all enough.” Recently, Deirdre, who is a University student in her 80’s wanted to get to an exam held near Redfern. She was hoping HillsCarPal might get her to a nearby railway station around 6.40am on the morning of the exam. When Wietske offered to drive her all the way (and back again), Deirdre couldn’t believe it. Deirdre says, “I had more time to revise and did quite well as a result!”Wise Elder

c) Ursula was keen to visit her elderly brother one Saturday. When Bill offered to take her to Beecroft on a weekend, she was ecstatic and felt a sense of relieve and joy at being able to see her brother again.

d) Molly & Barry, who are in their 70’s wanted to go to the Central Coast last Sunday. They were looking forward to seeing their son, who would meet them at Woy Woy station. But it wouldn’t happen unless they could get a Ride to Hornsby station. When Norm offered to detour and take them there all their plans fell into place and they were very pleased to visit their son and his family at a time of their choosing.


You can help spread the message about how HillsCarPal is helping Shut-in Seniors to get out and about around Sydney by sharing these stories with your friends and family.


Thank you for taking an interest,


The HillsCarPal Team

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