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by convenor on 04/09/2014

This time we would like to share some of the stories behind our recent Rides:

  • A recent article in the Monthly Chronicle told the real life story of Lorna Craig who visits to her sick husband each week. The link to the page 12 story gives the details and this lovely photo of Lorna and her driver Anne.

Lorna Craig & Anne

  • Then some of our volunteer drivers provided feedback on their Rides, as follows:

One said: “I thought I would let you know how good I feel within myself after I come home from a HillsCarPal Ride.”

Another, commenting about a client Marjorie, whose anxiety about issues with her husband, delayed the Ride pickup time, reported: … She was so upset about her husband’s condition and her emotions probably got the better of me. It was just lucky that I had nothing else planned as my husband was on RFS duties. It definitely tugged on my heart strings …. but hey, what do you do in these situations. She was extremely grateful for my help.”

  • The greatest thing is when clients take the time to give us unsolicited feedback. We value it because it lets our volunteers know how much what they do is appreciated. Julie, who recently underwent an extensive physio regime after knee replacement, told us this:

Wise Elder“Hi John I am sorry about my belated thank you for the wonderful service I received after my operation and rehab. This is a wonderful service and I handed on my brochure slip to my friend Helen and she has not stopped singing your praises for the help you were able to give her. Your volunteers are great people too.



Please share the news about our service. If you know a Senior who might benefit by joining HillsCarPal please tell him or her toPhone 9639 8620 Icon call Hills Community Aid on 02 9639 8620 (Mon – Fri) and ask for John. And we will take it from there.

 Or if you, or someone you know, are interested in volunteering with us to help the Shut-in Seniors of this world to get out and about occasionally, send them this article and ask them to click the relevant link for driver or facilitator.


The HillsCarPal Team

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