HillsCarPal Plans for 2015

by convenor on 26/01/2015

We would like to share our plans with you for the year ahead and to ask for your comments or suggestions on how we can achieve them.

Since we commenced regular operations  at the beginning of 2014, we have been swamped by new Shut-in Seniors wanting to join our service as Riders.

In 2015 we are planning to increase the number of  Riders we can offer to transport from (our current number of) 42, up to around 200 by year’s end.

This is only possible because of the excellent reputation we have earned as a result of the efforts to date of our wonderful volunteer Drivers and Facilitators, expertly supported by Hills Community Aid’s staff and front-office volunteers.

But to do this, we will need to expand our volunteer base.  

Our preliminary approach to how to do this is by increasing our exposure on Facebook, volunteering websites and in print DSC01426media with a view to attracting volunteers from the following demographics:

  • School Mums;
  • Active Retirees; and
  • Weekend Warriors – i.e full-time workers.

A more powerful way to spread the word is if you take a minute or two to get involved. Here are a couple of ways:

  1.  It’s as easy as telling your friends about HillsCarPal’s need for additional volunteers; in particular, volunteer drivers who can take a five (5) minute detour occasionally. They too can volunteer with us on a casual basis as an when their busy lives allow; or
  2. Make a suggestion on how to turn our volunteer recruitment campaign into a raging success by commenting below.

Thank you for your support of Shut-in Seniors,


The HillsCarPal Team

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