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by convenor on 22/02/2015

Part of HillsCarPal mission is to raise awareness of the fact that there are few good alternatives to driving for older people.

We want to open up everybody’s mind about this issue—that it is not somebody else’s issue. It is every family in Australia.

This generation is aging with the motor vehicle for the first time in history.

Everyone who experiences this thinks that they are alone, when really it is universal across the whole country.

Many older people just don’t have great alternatives to driving themselves. Even if they are willing to navigate public transport, rural and suburban areas may not have it. Taxis aren’t cheap, especially for pensioners. Adult children who could offer rides often live far away. And asking a neighbour for help? Seniors would often rather stay home.

They don’t want to say, ‘I can’t do this anymore”. Older people want to say, “I’m independent, I’m proud, I can do it myself.’” Even if they shouldn’t.

Driver Call

The problem of older person’s mobility – after their car –  is a very, very solvable problem—the answer is literally parked in everybody’s driveway. And HillsCarPal is showing how it can be actioned in our community.

It can be as simple as being aware.

For example, if you look around and see older people who need help, offer them a ride because they don’t want to ask. They will sit home without groceries. They will miss doctors’ appointments. Suggest they bake something for you in exchange for the ride. But just open your eyes and help somebody.

If your social contacts don’t open these sorts of opportunities that’s where HillsCarPal comes in. Volunteering with us will put you in touch with older people who really need your helping hand to get around.



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Convenor HillsCarPal





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