Changing The World One Driver At A Time …

by convenor on 28/02/2015

Our Busy Families Campaign is about to begin

It focuses on telling Mums & Dads in our community about the mobility concerns of their older neighbours.

The campaign is taking place on Facebook because that’s where many parents of school-age children get snippets of information of interest to them.

Any parent who responds to our Facebook adverts will be asked to subscribe to our campaign webpage.

By doing so they will receive a FREE Guide “Kid-Friendly in The Hills” and also receive our regular Newsletter “Parents & Kids”.

Anyone who subscribes, including you, will receive the FREE Guide.

You will shortly also receive a sample copy of  our Newsletter prepared earlier this week. Setting aside that it is not an up to the minute edition, your feedback on it’s layout and content would be most welcome.

HillsCarPal will also send subscribers a series of informative messages about Seniors in our community who are suffering Shut-in Syndrome.

These messages will explain how, by joining HillsCarPal, even VERY busy people can help overcome the isolation, uncertainty and hopelessness suffered by many local Seniors with little effort or disruption of their daily lives.

We expect a proportion of subscribers will then sign up with us as volunteers so that we can, indeed continue changing the world one driver at a time!

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