April 2015

Up for the challenge Australia?

30 April 2015

National Volunteer Week soon – won’t you #sharearideAU? Autumn is a great time of year. However, thousands of older Australians who can no longer drive don’t have the chance to get out and enjoy its milder days. That’s why HillsCarPal … Continue reading

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When it doesn’t work out …

18 April 2015

The hardest part of being a Facilitator is having to report that HillsCarPal can’t offer a Ride that has been requested. This happens around one Ride in six (6) and it always is a disappointment to our clients, most of … Continue reading

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Be neighbourly; Don’t “volunteer” …

6 April 2015

Your car is in the driveway but it won’t start. Your neighbour comes out of her front door heading for her car. She hears your car failing to start and calls out, “Can I give you a Ride. I am … Continue reading

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