Don’t “volunteer”; (Just) Be Neighbourly

by convenor on 30/05/2015

Since we begin operating over a year ago, people have often asked, “Isn’t HillsCarPal just another Community Transport operator? 

The answer is “No”, because we fill the following service gaps for Shut-in Seniors that local Community Transport Operators do not currently offer: 

  • Accept Hostel residents as clients
  • Travel locally in The Sydney Hills & all around SydneyLorna & Tess (900)
  • Short notice; no problem!
  • Travel companion; no extra!
  • Accept Ride Requests for ANY travel purpose
  • Accept Ride Requests outside office hours
  • Offer a flat rate per Ride
  • Operate weekends, nights & Public Holidays
  • Private cars only – no buses
  • Preferential rates for Vision Impaired clients
  • Ride Feedback on EVERY Ride

It is for these reasons and the wonderfully caring nature of our volunteers that we have an extensive Standby List of clients who want to join us.

But we also pride ourselves on another aspect of our service that makes it different and even unique. It is and the way that it has been designed to make it easy for “volunteers” to become involved and to stay involved with us.  So, with us “Busy” volunteers fit right in.

Flyer (print version) - Be neighbourly Dont volunteerSeriously, 5 minutes is all it takes and its more a case of being neighbourly than volunteering, with our “volunteer’s” controlling when, where & how often they offer a Shut-in Senior a Ride.

We do not look for or expect a regular commitment from any of our volunteers. Instead we have built a “Neighbourly Network” that connects “volunteers” with Shut-in Seniors who are happy to accept responses as they are offered.

As explained below, the way that HillsCarPal operates there is no obligation on the “volunteer” to make any offer unless it is one they elect to make because it fits in with their busy lifestyle on a given day. 

And when things change in a “volunteers” life like an unexpected holiday to take advantage of a great package deal, taking a part-time of full-time job, looking after the grandkids or other peoples kids, there’s no drama because being neighbourly is taking care of personal needs before offering help to others.





Here’s how we make sure that our “volunteers”, be they Drivers, Facilitators or Coordinators, can live by the motto, Be Neighbourly; Don’t “volunteer”: 

Ours is a “detour” service; one driver on OUTBOUND – another on RETURN

And an “introduction” service – not everyone knows a Shut-in Senior

Volunteer is in total control; when, where & how often

Drivers check & respond on fb once a day

Facilitators nominate contact hours

Facilitators/Sponsors can reside anywhere

Kids or other passengers? OK

Setup is simple; one face-to-face for ID check (CrimTrac)

Application online; Feedback online; Reimbursement online

Training is online & by phone

Want to join our “Neighbourly Network”?

It’s easy, just sign in on our home page:

For more information please contact:




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