Seniors Transportation Monthly – February 2016

by convenor on 23/02/2016

Welcome to the 8th edition of Seniors Transportation Monthly.

It focuses on issues and programs affecting how Seniors get around when they no longer drive. Many of its stories have a US flavour because the subject of Seniors Transportation is largely ignored in the media here in Australia, even though it is one of the greatest concerns of our ageing citizens. Nonetheless, we think many of the aspirations, issues, concepts and transportation scenarios from overseas will translate here in Australia.

We hope Seniors Transportation Monthly will provide an opportunity to discuss the problems faced by Australian #ShutinSeniors as they struggle to remain socially connected.

It is published on behalf of HillsCarPal, the Seniors Transportation Service of The Hills Community Aid & Information Service Inc.

Love to hear your comments; but above all, we hope you get something out of reading this edition.

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