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by convenor on 06/06/2017

Last Friday 2nd June 2017, I had the opportunity to talk to the meeting of the Association of Independent Retirees (Hills Branch) about Community Rideshare and how the CarPal service, run under the auspices of Hills Community Aid (HCA), is helping Sydney Hills Shut-in Seniors.

I introduced my talk describing the work done in our community by HCA, including its many wonderful programs helping vulnerable families in our community, and I got lots of questions about its programs. There was the usual “confusion” about who HCA is with some of the retirees being more familiar with Hills Community Care.

However, I was able to clear up that confusion and explain that as organisations we often work together and refer client inquiries to each other when needed. Indeed, HCA developed many of the Home and Community Care type programs that Hills Community Care, part of The Hills Shire Council, now operates for Aged and Disabled people.

Even though most of the audience were self-funded retirees and would never qualify to use CarPal, they were extremely interested in the concept of Community Rideshare and how it operates. Indeed, several of its members sought further information about volunteering with us after my talk.

A copy of the slides I used, one of which (slide 13) reported that CarPal has now provided over 1100 Rides for local Shut-in Seniors, is shown below FYI.

Please forward this to a friend to help us spread the word about CarPal and the plight of the Shut-in Seniors we assist.

You can find out how to join the Community Rideshare movement at: The Shut-in Seniors of your world will love you for it.

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