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by convenor on 05/11/2017

CarPal is the Seniors Transportation service of Hills Community Aid. It is #CommunityRideshare in action in The Hills or you could say it’s “Uber for #ShutinSeniors”

It is based on the principles behind the sharing economy but does not rely on the profit motive. Instead it looks to involve people who like to ‘give back’ and want to make a difference in their community.

They are people who recognise the value of living in a community that helps those who need it and would like to contribute to that effort when they can. They are our wonderful volunteers.




There are two (2) way they do it. Some (Drivers) offer the occasional Ride to Shut-in Seniors who no longer drive and others (Facilitators) talk to Shut-in Seniors and arrange to match up Ride Requests with driver offers.




The way the service is organised makes it easy for volunteers to become involved and to stay involved with us.  With us “Busy” volunteers fit right in.

Flyer (print version) - Be neighbourly Dont volunteerSeriously, 5 minutes is all it takes and its more a case of being neighbourly than volunteering, with our volunteer controlling when, where & how often they offer a Shut-in Senior a Ride.

We do not look for or expect a regular commitment from any of our volunteers.

Instead we have built a “Neighbourly Network” that connects volunteers with Shut-in Seniors who are happy to accept Rides as they are offered.

The way that CarPal operates there is no obligation unless it is one that fits in with what’s happening on a given day. 

And when things change like wanting to take advantage of a great package holiday deal, taking up more hours at work or just have a break from life, there’s no drama because our network of other volunteers take over and carry on for you.

With CarPal, “Be Neighbourly; Don’t ‘volunteer” is more than mere words

Here’s how we make sure that our volunteers, be they Drivers or Facilitators, can ‘give back’ but not when it hurts.


  • Ours is a “detour” service; one driver on OUTBOUND – another on RETURN
  • We assist our clients accessing & leaving the car but we don’t accompany them after a Ride
  • Volunteers are in total control; when, where & how often
  • Drivers check & respond on fb once a day
  • Facilitators nominate contact hours they can be called
  • Facilitators/Sponsors can reside anywhere
  • It’s OK for drivers to have kids in the car
  • Application, feedback & reimbursement is online
  • ID check at time and place nominated by the volunteer
  • Training is by phone & online

Want to join our “Neighbourly Network”?

It’s easy, just sign in on our home page: www.hillscarpal.org.au

Or for more information please contact:



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