Spreading the #CommunityRideshare word …

by convenor on 30/12/2017

Telling more people about #CommunityRideshare will lead to HillsCarPal becoming more widely recognised in our community. And through better recognition, we hope to attract more volunteer drivers to join us, at a time when people are making their new year’s resolutions.

Currently, there are 50 volunteer drivers who share their Ride when it is convenient for them to offer. But we need more volunteer drivers to address the backlog of #ShutinSeniors on our waiting lists.

So, we are boosting a video clip we have created on Facebook, aimed at “getting more eyeballs” and “Likes” to help us spread the word about #ShutinSeniors and their need to stay connected after they can no longer drive. Enjoy:

If you are a Facebook user please check it out and share our video post with your Friends.


Happy New Year to you and your loved ones,



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