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by convenor on 11/02/2018


A lesson in empathy recently came from Veteran actor Noni Hazlehurst, who after researching for her role as a homeless woman, told the ABC’s One Plus One program:

“A couple of bad decisions or a bit of a bad environment, who knows where any of us could end up?”

In 2016, 93-year-old NSW driver Harry Perry reportedly said about his impending licence test, “If I don’t get it, my life will change all together – I’ll arrange to have things delivered to the place and I’ll feel that I’m housebound.”

One of the changes Harry was thinking about was how he would continue make daily visits to see his wife who was then in residential aged care.

Busy lives make it harder to maintain the emotional antennae that are needed to pick up on how others are feeling about life. But empathy for others’ situations is not dead thanks to people like Noni Hazelhurst.

And thanks also to those unsung heroes involved in providing #CommunityRideshare services like ours, CarPal.



There are plenty of drivers on Sydney’s roads everyday but only a select few who have the time, inclination and above all the empathy to reach out and offer to share their Ride occasionally with the elderly.

It means a lot to #ShutinSeniors to know there are people like our CarPals who are there to help them to overcome loneliness and social isolation in their lives.

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of #ShutinSeniors in our community and our waiting list of Seniors wanting to join is growing.

So, we are appealing for more Sydney Hills drivers with empathy to step up and join the #CommunityRideshare movement. We know there are plenty of them living or working in The Hills but most of them have never heard of #CommunityRideshare.

A campaign to spread the message about the movement will be carried in local papers shortly thanks, in part, to some generous donations we have received.

And the message for drivers with empathy is:


It’s an opportunity to give back to your community that works around your schedule!

For more information please Message us on Facebook or contact:





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