Client Travel Patterns


The form below is for use by potential HillsCarPal clients (or their friends or family members) to provide travel pattern information for the potential client. The reasons why we need this information are explained below.

By providing potential client’s travel patterns in the form below, you will enable us to compare likely client ride requirements with HillsCarPal volunteer drivers’ travel patterns. We will recommend that Seniors enroll in HillsCarPal only if the travel patterns we receive from our panel of volunteer drivers show that HillsCarPal can meet a client’s transportation needs and get them where they want to go around Sydney.

Even though there are around 8 million driver-only trips in Sydney each day, HillsCarPal cannot guarantee a specific ride will be available, as volunteer drivers are always free to select which rides (and times) they will offer to drive a HillsCarPal client. The concept behind HillsCarPal is that rides are only offered by drivers who were taking that trip anyway and only when the driver decides he or she can afford a 5 minute detour to pick up (and drop off) a client. Over time we expect to provide greater coverage and certainty of travel, as the HillsCarPal project becomes better known and accepted in the wider community.

So, tell us your travel patterns (or those of your friend or family member, if you are making enquiries on their behalf) and we’ll see if we can match them with our volunteers. Nothing ventured, nothing gained …

Next Step:

After you complete the form below and click on the “Submit” button, you will receive an email (at the email address you provided in the form) that describes what happens next. You may need to check your Spam or Junk Mail folders to see it.


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