Can a friend or carer come with me on my Ride?

by convenor on 08/11/2013

Yes, but here are some things to consider:

  1. Some drivers may not be comfortable taking more than one passenger;
  2. On occasion, drivers may have other passengers (including children in safety seats) and, therefore there may not be enough seating for more than one person;
  3. Only one pickup and drop-off location will be accepted for your Ride;
  4. Boot space may be unavailable for more than one walking frame or set of shopping bags; and
  5. You will be held responsible for your companions’ conduct during the Ride.

“OK”, I hear you say. “How do I see if I can arrange it?”

The answer is you just provide some more details when you make your initial Ride Request(s) on Facebook. We also suggest that  you issue your Ride Request(s) as early as possible.

The extra details needed are:

  1. The number of extra passengers;
  2. Their names and their relationship to you e.g. friend, carer, son, daughter etc; and
  3. Anything other than a handbag they will have with them that might need boot space;

There is only one invoice (for $7.50; $15.00 for a return Ride) issued for the Ride; the same as if you were travelling alone.

The key is to let drivers know when you make the initial Ride Request(s). That way there are no surprises for you or for the driver.


The HillsCarPal Team


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