How does HillsCarPal work?

by convenor on 19/08/2012

You will regularly receive the details of trips (or rides) that clients request via Facebook “Events”.

To accept a “booking”, you “join” the “event”. When the trip-day arrives you detour from your planned trip and pick up the client at the address given in the “event” and then drop him or her at the nominated destination. You have no obligation to be available for the return journey unless you also “join(ed)” that “event” as a separate offer that you made.

After completing each ride, you complete a “PollDaddy” response on our “Ride Feedback” Facebook page to give us some feedback on the Ride including if you used the MPS permit. This response doubles as a claim for reimbursement of additional vehicle operating costs.

If you claim reimbursement you will receive a monthly payment into your PayPal account (up to $5.50 for each trip) for any trips you took that month. It’s as simple as that!

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