What does an Online Facilitator do?

by convenor on 14/11/2013


For the context of this question click on: “I’m a Senior who doesn’t have a PC. Can I ride?

The Answer:

It’s really very simple, although you do need to be good with detail. The basics of what is involved are:

  1. Take a call from the Senior;
  2. Get their Ride details; both outgoing & return;
  3. Put these details into Facebook “Events”;
  4. Monitor Facebook replies from HillsCarPal drivers;
  5. Call the Senior back with the results, supplying them with driver & pickup details;
  6. Take a call from the Senior with feedback of the Ride(s) taken; and
  7. Enter the Ride (s) feedback into Facebook’s PollDaddy App.

So, it is something that can be done from anywhere using a PC or smartphone. BUT, while it will be simple for the Online Facilitator it will mean a lot in the lives of Shut-in Seniors.

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