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by convenor on 19/08/2012

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements for HillsCarPal membership, HillsCarPal clients will also:

• be capable of walking short distances with or without a walking aid;

• have a home computer (PC) with internet access;
• have a friend or family member or Facilitator appointed by CarPal (for Phone Clients), who has a PC with internet access, and who is willing to book Rides on their behalf; and

• make payments for Rides they take by credit card or PayPal.

Each Ride Request must be made on Facebook “Events” so that that volunteer drivers are covered by our Volunteer Accident Insurance policy.

Any Rides that follow a repetitive pattern will need to be entered into Facebook ‘Events” using its Repeat or Copy functions so that a HillsCarPal response can be forthcoming.

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