What if I forget the technology details?

by convenor on 25/08/2012

After the initial introduction that HillsCarPal will provide, you can refer to the following resources as a memory-jogger

Training Manuals


Making Ride Requests on Facebook

Click here to see an example of the Facebook “Events” screens that Clients use to book a Ride with HillsCarPal.

And if a Ride Request is for you and carer or friend make sure that you include in your Ride Requests(s):

  • The number of extra passengers;
  • Their names and their relationship to you e.g. friend, carer, son, daughter etc; and
  • Anything other than a handbag they will have with them that might need boot space;


If you can’t follow the information given here just send HillsCarPal an email with your question or call us on 02 9639 8620.


The HillsCarPal Team

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