What would I do if the client I was transporting was became ill?

by convenor on 19/08/2012

First things first:

HillsCarPal will be telling Seniors who are feeling ill to cancel any planned HillsCarPal trips; and

HillsCarPal will NOT be taking bookings from sick and injured persons for trips to  hospital;

What to do, if it happens enroute:

If a client becomes ill during a trip, pull over safely and render what assistance you can; and

If you deem a client’s illness enroute to be a matter of extreme urgency, call an ambulance by dialling 000 and wait where you are for it to arrive;

In the aftermath:

As soon as it is possible and practicable to do so, call HillsCarPal on 0418 229 616 to advise what happened and where things stand.

We will arrange alternative transport if the Client wishes to abort the Ride and return home so that you can continue on your own journey.

We will provide you with feedback on the Client’s condition when we have this information.

If you incur any additional expenses in attending to the situation, HillsCarPal will reimburs your claim for reasonable expenses arising from the incident.

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