Why was HillsCarPal set up?

by convenor on 19/08/2012

HillsCarPal aims to help Seniors overcome the difficulty they have getting around Sydney when they can no longer drive themselves. HillsCarPal helps them to overcome their mobility issues as they try to maintain a sense of social inclusion in their later years. For example:

• Across town taxi fares are expensive and such trips are not generally serviced by Community Transport;
• Attending an evening event using public transport is viewed as undesirable because of the walk home from the bus;
• Existing Community Transport is not designed to react to weekend or short-notice requests;
• The NRMA has identified that change is needed in its Discussion Paper on Transport for Ageing Australians.

HillsCarPal believes that older Australians can lead a richer life in the community than out of it!

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