Volunteer Facilitators

Online Facilitator Call

Help a Shut-in Senior get a Ride?

The form below is for use by volunteers wishing to become Online Facilitators (OF) with HillsCarPal.

Online Facilitators take calls from Seniors who don’t have online access. They make Ride Requests on Facebook on behalf of these HillsCarPal Clients. That way, even though a Shut-in Senior may not be able to go online, they are not excluded from being able to get out and about around Sydney with a HillsCarPal Ride.

Provided you are 18 years or older and live in Sydney, you can help Shut-in Seniors by making Ride Requests for them on Facebook when they give you a call.

After we receive your details we’ll send you a Police Check form and arrange to meet you to do an ID check.

Then you can help Shut-in Seniors without leaving your home …. or from wherever is convenient for you.

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